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How to choose the right adhesive products

TIME:2015-8-17 9:41:35
How to choose the right adhesive products
Adhesives should pay attention to the selection:
Shelf life: the shelf life of each product are, in accordance with international standards and domestic standards, the shorter the shelf life refers to acrylic products, such as stored at room temperature, the higher the case (acrylate glue to 20 ℃), period of water-based products such as the temperature at minus 1 ℃, direct impact on product quality.
Strength: There is no all-purpose adhesive in the world, different adherend, the best selection of special adhesive. Adherend itself on the strength of low, so do not have to use high-strength products, otherwise, would be overkill and increase costs. Not only pay attention to high initial strength should consider durability, high temperature curing adhesive performance is much higher than room temperature curing, such as requiring high strength, good durability, to use high-temperature curing adhesive.
For a cyanoacrylate glue in addition to emergency or small areas and continuous production, the adhesive strength of the high demand materials should not be used.
Other notes: white latex and urea-formaldehyde glue can stick metal; transparency is required, the adhesive can be used polyurethane adhesive, the optical epoxy adhesive, unsaturated polyester plastic, polyvinyl acetal plastic; adhesive should not be sticky substance is corrosive; brittle than the high adhesive soft materials should not be sticky;
When adhesive Caution : the AB component adhesive, in the ratio of your required specification ratio; for AB component adhesive, before use must stir not stay dead otherwise not cure; adherend Be sure to clean, can not have water (except underwater curing adhesive); to achieve high adhesive strength adherends should be polished; bonded joint design quality, determine the level of adhesive strength; when the adhesive used must now with the current, must not be too long retention time, in the case of fast-curing, usually not more than two minutes; if stronger high fast curing, depending on their situation heating, glue, not too thick, generally 0.5mm as well The thicker the worse the effect of bonding; bonding the object, it is best to put pressure or fixed with clamps; to make higher strength, better adhesion retention after 24 hours; one-component solvent-based or water formulations, using a certain To stir; for solvent-based products after coating, must be set to cool little sticky is appropriate, then bonding.


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